Thursday, May 27, 2010

8th Grade Graduates

Boy, I didn't realize I would be so busy as a retiree!!! :)  I want to take a few moments to share some of my favorites from each session of 8th grade graduate portraits.  There are more but I need to ask for parental permission before posting and time is getting away from me.  I will be posting some on my website also, but that will have to wait until June.

I must say I really enjoy doing 8th graders as they are so excited to get their portraits done and it makes it so much fun during the session.  I felt privileged to get to do Dorisa (last pic) as it wasn't planned.  God worked it out in such a beautiful way, as He always does.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alisha's Senior Portrait Session

Alisha came in for her final senior session last Saturday.  She had wanted to do the four seasons; however, we missed Autumn.  So to improvise, I took some fake leaves and scattered them on my fake barnwood floor.  Using my 50mm lens, I shot wide open and blurred the leaves so you couldn't tell they were fake.  Here are a few favorites from her session.