Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Portraits of our Friends

The Gardners are very good friends of ours.  We go waaaay back!  They wanted inside and outside portraits for their Christmas cards.  We didn't have to go very far for the outside shots as we took them on our front lawn.  Since the scenery didn't have much color, I made the photo black and white.  It will make for a very nice Christmas card!  I've included their favorites from their session for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A valuable and treasured investment!

You have until December 14 to take advantage of our Christmas Card Special (details are at  Though your package may only be one or two poses for your special, I will take a few more just to make sure I captured that special look!  So if you want to purchase more prints/poses in addition to your special, you may do so.  That's what has been happening with our clients that purchase our special!  Trust me, I don't do pressure sales!

I will put together a Christmas card that will coordinate with your style and clothing.  Beautiful portraits are such a treasured Christmas gift to give to family members that will last them a lifetime!

Here's how it works...  You book your session by paying with a credit card, check or cash.  I will discuss your clothing options in order to determine what background will enhance your portrait and whether you want to do an inside and/or outside portrait.  You will be able to preview your portraits soon after your session and decide if you want to make any changes to the sample Christmas card.  After placing your order, you should receive your prints within 3-5 business days.

So don't wait until the last minute.  Book your appointment today!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Christmas Card and Country Portraits

This lovely family drove up from Emporia to get their portraits done.  Wish the weather was not so cold, but we managed to get some nice portraits nonetheless. We alternated the outside shots between the inside shots to maximize the customers time and to avoid the "red nose" look!  I just love how they coordinated their outfits! JoDee said she wanted that "country" look for her outside portraits so we took some near the corral and added our horse Ace.  I have a bunch of favorites from this session which I have included for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Don't miss our Christmas Card Special!

This session with these adorable children was not designed for my Christmas Card Special (see following Christmas Card Special link on my website: However, I wanted to design a card to let you know (if you don't already) that I have a special going on.  I usually don't do outside portraits except at sunset, but I love that back-lit look which I got when I photographed these children during the day last Wednesday.  I was so excited when I saw the cute outfits that their mom dressed them in as I love colorful portraits.

So don't wait too long, as this special will definitely fill up my schedule. I look forward to making beautiful portraits and designing a card for you and/or your family. Adios!