Monday, March 26, 2012

Deylon Graduates from 8th Grade

This was a fun session!  Deylon brought some sharp outfits for his photo session which is a special that I give every year for 8th grade graduates. Since his graduation cap and gown isn't in yet, we are doing a split session so he will have some portraits with his cap and gown when they arrive.  In addition to the special, this client is getting custom designed graduation invite cards that includes favorite portraits from the session.  The card is available for your viewing on my website.  I have included my favorites from his session.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Myra comes for a visit...

The sky was such a pretty blue and made for a nice background for my darling granddaughter Myra.  Myra enjoyed posing on top of her daddy's truck in the pasture.  The last photo is Myra peeking over the swing slide in our yard.  I took as many shots as I could before it got dark and have included my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Friday Night at The Smith Ranch

It was nice to enjoy sunny blue skies after several rainy days (that were very much needed)!  I couldn't let it pass without going out and capturing some moments on the ranch.  I have included some comments with each photo taken below....

Here are our cattle taking a stroll down our driveway! :)  Seriously, I am on the bed of a pickup truck with a bucket of range cubes bribing them to get back into the pasture.
 Ol' Red is the shyest of the bunch.  He's the only one we aren't able to feed from our hands.
 I don't know why I enjoy taking photos of backsides but I think this one is kinda cute!
 Mr. Steer is having a "hay day" munching on some brohm hay.
 You wonder what is going on in these two steers' heads.... :)
In the morning and late evening are the best times to get reflections from the water.  It was pretty dark when this was taken and the colors weren't so great so I converted to sepia.
I saved this shot for last for those that might get creeped out!  This spider was my first shot of the day.  I was trying to get a backlist shot of this spider on my living room window while my husband was keeping it still.  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Doesn't get much crazier than this....

We had some friends over Saturday and as usual had to do some crazy portraits.  I really like how the brown mottled background blends well with their outfit colors. In this first portrait, some friends recently gave us the rubber Afro wig and our friend grabbed that one first!  (In case you were wondering what was on his head.)  They changed into four different outfits and I have included a portrait from each for your enjoyment! ;)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Queen Java

Meet Queen Java!  She is sitting on her royal throne and her majesty doesn't like getting her portraits done.  So to get her to pose with my new pet crown, I dangled lunchmeat near the camera.   I have included my favorite shot from her majesty's portrait session.  Enjoy! :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nine Fuzzy Babies

Nine fuzzy baby steers recently joined The Smith Ranch.  The average weight for the nine angus steers was 327 pounds.  This is our third year for getting cattle and these are the smallest ones we have gotten so far. It's so neat to watch how our horses and donkeys reacted to their new family members. I thought you would enjoy seeing them interact so I have included some of my favorites from their photo session!  :D

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Adorable Family of Four

Last night's session from one of my "regulars" was to produce a nice collage for their living room with their family portrait in the middle and to order some portraits for an iPhone photo hardcase.  The background was gray that was made pinkish using a flash with a pinkish gel on it, thus producing a pinkish background to match their outfits.  The small sofa is normally maroon, but we changed that color also to match their outfits.  As you can see, Gabby really enjoyed taking her portraits on the couch.  Alyssia kept turning around while seated on the couch, so we ended up turning the couch around to get her facing the camera!  Some of the neatest props are the ones that you don't anticipate! :)  I've attached my favorites from their session for your viewing pleasure.  Be looking for their portrait collage on Capturing The Moment Photography's website once we get that finalized.