Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday Night at The Smith Ranch

It was nice to enjoy sunny blue skies after several rainy days (that were very much needed)!  I couldn't let it pass without going out and capturing some moments on the ranch.  I have included some comments with each photo taken below....

Here are our cattle taking a stroll down our driveway! :)  Seriously, I am on the bed of a pickup truck with a bucket of range cubes bribing them to get back into the pasture.
 Ol' Red is the shyest of the bunch.  He's the only one we aren't able to feed from our hands.
 I don't know why I enjoy taking photos of backsides but I think this one is kinda cute!
 Mr. Steer is having a "hay day" munching on some brohm hay.
 You wonder what is going on in these two steers' heads.... :)
In the morning and late evening are the best times to get reflections from the water.  It was pretty dark when this was taken and the colors weren't so great so I converted to sepia.
I saved this shot for last for those that might get creeped out!  This spider was my first shot of the day.  I was trying to get a backlist shot of this spider on my living room window while my husband was keeping it still.  

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