Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A father and daughter portrait session

I love the connection between this father and daughter in these relationship portraits.  After a few studio shots, we went outside and drove down into the gully at the edge of our property to escape the wind.  I've included my favorites from their indoor and outdoor session on Saturday for your viewing pleasure! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

DaShané ~ age 9, going on 18

If you know DaShanĂ©, you know she doesn't look nine years old.  Nor does she act it, most of the time! :)  These pictures that capture her personality are my favorites from her session.  Enjoy!

Monday, June 18, 2012

PhotoVision: education and solutions for professional photographers

I confess that I have an addiction!  It's a good addiction!  It's PhotoVision!  I have subscribed to these photography training DVDs for the last few years and so enjoy watching them and learning something new with every arrival.  Where else can you get 20 hours of professional photography training for only $49 a year?  I think it's the best value for photographic education out there.

What do I love about PhotoVision? Simple. I get to see other photographers in action and learn how they do it from my couch. If I want a refresher on posing, I can pop the DVD in and rewatch the segment. (They started streaming segments this year, so you can even choose to watch them on your phone.)

 This $49 deal is available with the promo code PVFAN.  Just click on the link below to get all 6 DVDs or streaming video.  Trust me, you will not regret it!

Bugs for dinner, yuck!!!

The circle whole in the front of the birdhouse is too small for birds, so a wren created a nest inside by entering in the sides of this birdhouse. This mother wren is leaving the birdhouse to get some bugs for her babies.
 I watched her from my kitchen window as she flew back and forth feeding her babies.
 Not sure but I think she has a baby wren in her mouth as she did not have it before she entered the next.  Then she flew off.
 You suppose she noticed me taking her picture?
 Got on our tractor and went touring in the pasture to get some wildflowers shots but ended up with a shot of our neighbor's horse, Reese.

Bugs, bird, and wildflowers

I was several feet away to get most of these shots.  I'm horrified when a bug touches me so I am comfortable at a distance!  On the last shot, I didn't notice the spider in the wildflower until I viewed the shot on my computer.  I could photograph nature all day long if the weather permitted and the chiggers would LEAVE ME ALONE!!!  Anyways, hope you enjoy these creatures and wildflowers God gave us to enjoy...