Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Marjorie's 8th Grade Graduate Studio Session

Marjorie wanted to include her sister and nieces with her 8th grade graduation portraits.  You may recognize her sister and nieces from previous blog posts.  Gabby saw the black parasol laying in my studio and wanted a portrait with it and it is included along with all of my favorites from her indoor session.  Enjoy! ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Marjorie ~ 8th Grade Graduate of 2013

Marjorie is my first 8th grade graduate for 2013.  We were excited to be able to photograph her in the gorgeous sunflowers and wildflowers on a perfect day--no wind and overcast!  Her outfits went so well with the pretty wildflowers and made for such colorful portraits! The brown horse in the photographs is Reese Cup, Marjorie's horse.  Her mom told me later she was surprised we were able to get photographs with Reese as Marjorie is very allergic to horses.  There are so many favorites from her session I will break her sessions into to blog posts--outside and studio.  Here are my outside favorites from her session for your viewing pleasure....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Extended Family of 17

This was a surprise photo session which welcomed my client's husband who is on R&R (Rest and Relaxation).  The session location is in her yard.  I brought along my Quantum flash to pop some light in the shaded area which was the setting for the larger family portraits. This is my largest family portrait session to date and I have included my favorites from the session for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!