Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weston's Graduation Portraits at the Boyer Hacienda

If you recall, I did Weston at his home during a snowstorm in late February.  I wasn't able to get any portraits of Weston with his dog and their tractor that snowy day.  However; it was a perfect day on May 6 when we were able to photograph Weston at the Boyer Hacienda.  Even though we had already taken portraits of Weston with a horse in the snow, I encouraged him to do more horse portraits so we used their other horse.  I'm so glad we did as his portrait below with him riding Ellie was his favorite portrait from his sessions.  His favorites from this session are included for you to enjoy!

Daniel's Sharp-looking HS Senior Portraits

It seems like it wasn't very long ago that I took Daniel's 8th grade portraits!  I forget a lot of things but somehow remember the pose I put Daniel on a pile of wood during his 8th grade portraits.  It was one of my favorites from that year.  When I saw Daniel's orange shirt for this session, I took my red background and used it knowing I would convert it to a shade of orange to match.  Doesn't he look sharp?  Daniel is a very respectful, reserved young man and I felt privileged to photograph his high school senior portraits.  Congratulations Daniel! May God richly bless you in your future endeavors!!! :)

Thaddeus' Favorite Four

Thaddeus' family are repeat customers of ours that also took advantage of the graduate special that I offered this year to 8th grade graduates.  This special included four poses and I have listed Thaddeus favorite four for your viewing pleasure.  Thaddeus' cap and gown portrait was the pose that they used for his 8x10 display at his graduation table.  I can see why since he has a cute smile in that pose!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ebony's Gorgeous Graduation Portraits

Ebony wore some gorgeous and colorful outfits for her graduation portrait session.  She also took advantage of the 8th grade graduation portrait special that I offered this year.  I think Ebony is such a lovely name and she has grown up to be a beautiful young lady.  Here are her favorites from her session for you to enjoy.... :)

Graduating Brothers

Julai graduated from 8th Grade while his brother Tyrese graduated from K5.  I was fortunate to photograph both of them during this special time in their lives.  I have included the clients' session favorites for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy! :)

Shalisa's Favorite Four Poses

I found a good use for some of those magazines that come in the mail.  Instead of just trashing every magazine, I scan it for good poses.  This first pose below I did of Shalisa, was a pose I tore out of a magazine that advertised jewelry.  Shalisa was a good fit for the pose since she is slender and it was her favorite out of the four poses she selected from her graduation portrait package special.  She posed with her sister Shanel who I photographed as a senior a couple years ago. I have included Shalisa's four top favorites for your viewing pleasure.... :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Classy High School Senior

Levi noted on his "Tell Your Story" form (that I give to high school seniors to fill out) that he wanted his portraits to express his individuality and/or maybe even his classiness.  The first three portraits are from his first session at our studio and outside with his car.  The second session was downtown Junction City in and around the JC Opera House.  We wanted to give this session an "urban" look. It was bright and sunny that day; however, the light was bouncing around real nice in the shade as you can tell by the nice "catchlights" in his eyes.  I have included my favorites from his two sessions below.  Enjoy!