Thursday, July 18, 2013

Anna in the Wheatfield and Wildflowers and a Curious Lizard!

This wheatfield was across the street from Anna's place.  You can see the Boyer's barn in the background of the second photo.  Anna's dog Duke loves to follow her around and at first I was trying to photograph Anna without Duke, but gave in as we were crunching for time.  If you look closely, you can see Duke right behind Anna in the fifth photo listed below.  On the last wheat photo, I had intended only to get a closeup of the wheat and told Anna that I wasn't getting her in the photo; but ended up really liking the cropped profile portrait.  

The wildflower portraits were taken in my backyard using an outside flash since the sun was directly overhead.  During this session, a curious lizard ran nearby to watch us so we included it as part of the photo session.  :)  

Anna's favorites from these two sessions are included below for you to enjoy!

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