Thursday, September 26, 2013

Janelle's Country Portrait Session

I advised Janelle to dress casual to match blue wildflowers and hopefully sunflowers if we could find any that were still decent looking.  We started the session in our gully which are the first two shots below.  Then headed to the blue wildflowers which is the third portrait.  Next, we went atop J-Hill to see if there were any sunflowers left.  We didn't find any but captured a beautiful shot of Janelle looking down the hill into the valley which I converted to black and white.  We did find a few sunflowers left on Erichsen Road and added a pink umbrella as a prop.  Finally we headed back to the studio and finished up outside with the three last portraits shown.  Hope you enjoyed this portrait tour that included my favorites from this session in the country.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Portrait in a tree

This client is a very dear friend of mine.  She was so looking forward to getting her portraits taken and I was so delighted to do so!  Their favorite is the third one down with her sitting in the tree.  We traveled to another friends property to do the tree portrait and on the way back we had to stop and take a few in some sunflowers that were by the side of the road.  I have included the client's favorites from the session for your viewing pleasure...


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Their last and only professional portrait!

It's the final day that our four cattle are with us at the Smith Ranch before going to the sale barn.  It's a beautiful sunny September morning and a perfect day for outside portraits.  I grabbed my wide-angle lens and camera and headed out to the corral to have some fun.  The cattle have no clue that they are probably getting their last and only professional portrait!  They think I'm bringing them a treat.  They get very close to me with cute expressions on their face.  I have included my favorites from their session for you to get a good laugh!  Enjoy!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Horsing around

I was petting Reese Cup at the fence when Ace who is the boss of the pasture came up.  Reese turned to Ace and it looked like she was saying, "You're still the boss."  They get along so much better now than they used to.  Thank God for rain this season as they have been having their fill of pasture grass.  They look so strong and muscular!  Reese Cup's coat turned a pretty brown color this summer. I looked up her color and it officially called "dark bay."
 The image below was actually the first shot taken but I wanted to put the intimate one first.  Reese Cup saw me and decided to come over to me.
 Here she is hoping I had a treat but instead gets a closeup portrait taken.  She is being distracted as right after this shot she gallops over to our new neighbors who have two horses.
 She is galloping over to the neighbors next door to spend time with their horses.
Ace decides to join her.  Here he is starting to trot.
 Ace is galloping over now.  If you look closely, you can see Reese communicating with the neighbor's horse in the top center of this image below.

Friday, September 20, 2013

A sailor in a suitcase

Nigel is such a happy baby which made for an easy subject.  I think his sailor outfit is sooooo cute!!!  This client used the second photo below for thank you cards that we designed.  For his next outfit, the sucker wasn't planned but was a last thought to keep him distracted from pulling on his hat, the fuzzy material and grabbing the reflector! :)  I try to keep a variety of suckers in different colors to aid in photographing active toddlers.  The portraits below are the clients' favorite from Nigel's session.  Enjoy!!!