Friday, October 25, 2013

A poor Middle Eastern girl

This was a personal project of mine that came to fruition after I did Tamara's 8th grade graduation portraits.  Tamara was a willing subject during this photo session that portrays a poor Middle Eastern girl in different settings with different emotions.  She did an excellent job!!!  Even was able to shed some tears as you will see in the second image below.  God was so good to give me access to hijabs (scarves) from the Middle East.  We waited till the fall colors were at its peak for the outside portraits and threw in some studio shots against an isolated white background to complete this project.  I have included my favorites from this session for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

A flower garden in Branson

We took a short trip to Branson the first week of September and stayed at the Savannah House hotel.  The only images I photographed while in Branson were the flowers in their flower garden.  It wouldn't be a vacation if I didn't have some images to show for it.  I've included the beautiful flowers for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!!!