Monday, November 18, 2013

Stunning Portraits of an 8th Grade Graduate!

I saw Kim wearing her red & black outfit at our local church last week and told her mom that her outfit would go beautifully with a background I have set up for a client that I was going to photograph this week. So Saturday we did a short session with her red outfit and a casual outfit that went with the background.   I think she looks absolutely lovely in her portraits!  Here are Kim's favorites from the session for your viewing pleasure!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A laughing horse :)

Ace was not actually laughing, but it sure looks like he was!  I was seated on the ground prepared to take photos of Ace so I could get the pretty blue sky in the background when he started making funny faces at me.  He is such a sweetheart!  Hopefully you get a good laugh from these images!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Janelle, Autumn in the woods, and a pumpkin

This session was probably one of my easiest sessions to date.  Janelle was a natural poser.  She looks so elegant and lady-like in her portraits.  The weather was perfect for water reflections in our pond; however, the sun was still bright, so I had her looking away so she wouldn't squint from the sun.  The willow trees at the pond made for a good prop during a back-lit portrait which we converted to black and white.  The sun was still bright before the session ended which gave Janelle the chance to wear her sunglasses and pose with a pumpkin against the beautiful Autumn scenery.  I have included my favorites from her session for your viewing pleasure....

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Autumn Family Portraits and a Red Wagon

We looked forward to photographing Andrew in our new Radio Flyer wagon for his 3-week old portraits.  The session started off with casual family portraits outside during the golden hour.  Afterwards, we photographed Andrew in the red wagon and then a wicker basket.  Andrew let us know that he didn't like wearing his boots while in the basket and when his boots were off, he was quite content.  I get tickled every time I see his cute little toes sticking out of the basket in the image below. While the family changed into their dress outfits, we grabbed a quick shot of Natalie on the rocking horse.  The portraits below are some of their favorites from their session.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anna, her horse, and hedge apples

While photographing an all-day event, we "killed two birds with one stone" and photographed Anna's high school senior Autumn portraits.  Anna loves animals and they love her as you can see by her favorites images shown below.  Anna mentioned that she would like a photo with her horse and include their pond but said it was too ugly for a setting.  Yes, the pond looked ugly but it doesn't take much to make a ugly setting into a beautiful one as you will see on her pond image. Anna also wanted a portrait with hedge apples so the last image she is posing in her hedge tree.

I will always remember this session and the love that I got to "capture" during this special day in the lives of Anna's family!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kim's Autumn Portrait Session

You just don't know how glad I was when I decided to take an umbrella down into the gully for this session with Kim.  I didn't expect to get caught in a downpour. I was determined to get her session done that day no matter the weather as I brought my Quantum flash in case it was too dark due to the overcast sky.  (The second and third photo below was taken with flash.)  Can you notice in the first image how the umbrella is wet on top?  Not wanting to get the flash unit wet, we covered it with my large reflector during the downpour.  Kim will probably always remember this "fun" session she had to get her Autumn portraits!  I have included her favorites for you to enjoy....