Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two cute farm mousers!

We recently acquired two farm cats to help alleviate mice from building nests in our tractor and rabbits from chewing wires on our car.  Yes, it was rabbits!  We drove to church one night and the car was not running right.  The next day my husband opened the hood and out jumps a rabbit!  Needless to say, my husband was convinced we now needed cats!  Boy, was I happy!  I love animals and now I have a couple more that I can spoil and enjoy capturing their cuteness!!!  I teased the black and white one by opening the screen door a bit and just adore the image below where he is sticking his paw through the screen.  I've named that photo "cat burglars."  You can see the gray cat in the background of that image keeping watch like a real burglar! The last image of the grey cat shows his loving personality.  He is the most lovable cat I have ever met.  If you are a cat lover like me, I know you will enjoy the images I've included below.... :)

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