Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jeona's K5 Graduation Portraits

This is my favorite images of Jeona in the town of Alma against this beautiful antique door!

Jeona's adorable outfit and coordinating hat were a perfect match to the pastel tulips

We discovered this white wooden prop while walking the tulip garden and Jeona quickly ran to get in position for this pose.  I was standing afar off to get this shot so that the pink bushes would show in the background.

Jeona is such a natural poser!  I only guided her head in the correct direction so as to get her in the S-pose.

Liz mom suggested Jeona smell the tulips and what I great idea for a pose!  The tulips in here are so beautiful!  There is a fountain in the background of this image that you can barely see.

Here there was a row of gorgeous redbud trees!  Jeona has the cutest expression peeking around this tree!

Jeona looks so grown up in this image posed on a rock at the Doran Rock Garden in Gage Park!

We had to get this image quickly as Jeona kept thinking someone was going to slide down on her!  Be sure to visit Liz and Jeona's other graduation blog post.

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