Thursday, April 23, 2015

Liz tiptoes through the tulips...

As we were driving into the small town of Alma, we noticed this rock wall and stopped for a quick image before starting our urban portrait session. (see comments below)

During our short stroll through the town of Alma, we discovered this beautiful antique door background.

Liz had to tiptoe through the tulips here to be sure she didn't hurt any of the tulips surrounding this beautiful aged tree.

The redbud trees here were beautiful and I knew at that moment that I would change Liz red blouse color to pink to match!

The colors to this playground at Doran Rock Garden went perfect with the colors Liz wore.  The two children playing here were kind enough to play out-of-sight!

A delicate-looking planting was fitting for a delicate pose.

It's hard not to stop and pose by a tree with a slanted branch and it was a plus to have pretty yellow flowers in the foreground.

Liz also had to tiptoe through the rosebushes so she could poke her head through this wooden walkway contraption.

This final favorite image of mine is Liz at the Doran Rock Garden in Gage Park.  There is a small body of water in the background.  Be sure to view Liz and Jeona's tulip post on this blog!

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