Monday, March 28, 2016

Three Superheros and a Family Portrait

When the superheros arrived for their session, our horse Ace happily greeted them by bucking when they drove up.  After we entered the studio to start the session a Great Blue Heron decided to pay a visit outside the studio and our superhero dad said he didn't mind if I took a moment to capture him before we started the session. The heron visitor can be viewed at our Smith Ranch blog here.

We actually started with a family portrait which is shown as the last image shown below.  After this portrait, we quickly changed the background while our superheros dressed in their superhero attire.  The totally cool superhero session was such a blast thanks to our three superhero stars and I have listed their favorites below for you to enjoy! 


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  1. Excellent,Terrific..Fantastic. .loves everything about this group..