Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My firstborn's family portraits

It is with sheer delight to show off my dearest firstborn's family portraits taken while recently spending a week with them in Florida.  My daughter Angela asked me to photograph her wedding held on her fiance's birthday on April 10.  We were able during that busy week of wedding preparation to take photographs of the family at a beautiful park in Tampa, Florida.  I am now the proud grandmother of three additional darling grandchildren and in August I will become a great grandmother thanks to my first grandchild Victoria.  The portraits of Angela's family are shown below in order of youngest to eldest then ending with a few group poses.  Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful, how times touched by these photos..I think it's because Angela,has a special place in my heart.there is a bond...she's always kind,polite to me.but it's like she is in my family...She still looks to me like she is in her 20's...the girl don't age....she still very pretty too..she is related to me...I feels that way toward all ur kids...sweet kids...Angela is my girl tho������

    1. Thanks so much for your kinds words and for the love you have for my children. May God bless your gizzard!!!