Friday, October 7, 2016

Tamara's '17 HS Senior Portraits at an outdoor courtyard

Tamara wanted her first senior portrait session at an outdoor courtyard at a Manhattan hospital, and what a great idea! There were still flowers in bloom and a waterfall and bridge as some gorgeous backgrounds.  I asked Tamara what her favorite words were on the stone wall and she said "Compassion" and "Faith" so you will see her posed against the wall next to those words.  While exiting the facility an onlooker commented to her "You're Beautiful!!!"  Yes, she was beautiful and she has such a pretty smile!  I thought we were done until I saw a cement column that complimented her coral color outfit.  Since Tamara liked practically all of her poses, I have included my favorites below and all of her favorites can be viewed here.  Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful! Makes me teary our babies are grown up. Nothing like a walk in Gods Garden He kept the brightest beautifullest for Himself. God Bless the Class of 2017😀😀😀😀

  2. I looooveee your pictures!! So Gorgeous!!

  3. Excellent job! Loves ur colors..great background.