Wednesday, December 14, 2016

History and Studio Tour with CTM Photography

Join us on some history and a tour of Capturing The Moment Photography's professional home studio.

Over eight years ago, when we found out that our adjoining neighbors in the country decided not to build, we jumped on the opportunity and bought their 72-acre property.  We nearly missed out on this blessing as we almost built on our original seven acres.  My husband bailed out the day before going to the bank to get a home loan.  To say I was upset was an understatement as I had already picked out the log-type house that I fell in love with.  Looking back, God had His hand in the situation as we ended up with land that we both always dreamed of having which included a pond and some woods.  The woods come in real handy for outside portraits on windy days since the wind hardly blows there.

We decided on a modular home and found one with a 15x30' room that would work perfectly as a portrait studio.

Often when first-time clients drive out in the country to our studio, I can tell they are somewhat hesitant because of the look on their face(s) after they get out of their vehicle!  They look like they aren't sure if we are a real studio!  We have our business name on our mailbox, but apparently that's not enough.  Hence, the reason for this blogpost!

The first image below is the studio facing north with our popular white background currently set up.  Our flex backgrounds are leaning against the west wall to the left behind the main studio light.

The image below depicts the studio facing south.  Vinyl shower curtains are over the windows when photographing with window light.  The three long shelves to the right contain various props and backgrounds.  Our second background stand to the left currently has a white and black damask background on it.

We have almost every available space filled with a prop or background.  Now when you drive out on the country gravel road to our abode, you don't have to wonder if you really are coming to a real live studio!

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