Friday, July 21, 2017

Cooper's 4-year-old portraits

I wish every child's session was like Cooper's!  Not many 4 year olds can hold up for a 1-hour session!  It helped that we had 5 outfits and plenty of props to keep Cooper occupied. :)  The session's main goal was to provide the client with a variety of images for a large collage canvas for the living room.  I have included the clients' favorite images along with the collage that we ordered.  Thanks Cooper for being a good sport and we hope to see you again next year when you turn 5!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Natalie turns 6 and Andrew turns 4

I was glad we were able to photograph Natalie and Andrew at their grandparents' home as it makes for fond memories to look back on when they get older!  It was fun to watch their expressions as they shared drink sipping on a picnic table!  Natalie was having so much she didn't want to stop; she really enjoyed getting photographed as you can tell by the client's favorites that I have included below!  I love the first one below of them looking at each other which happened to be her mom's idea.  Thanks Natalie and Andrew for the opportunity to capture this special time in your little lives!