Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Jace's 1st birthday cake celebration

Jace, my great grandson, turned one on August 15 and we celebrated at Carraba's in Tampa.  I know its hard to believe I'm a great grandmother as I don't look that old! :)  What's hard to believe is my daughter Angela is a grandmother!  Here are a few of Victoria's (Jace's mother) favorites for your viewing pleasure!

Monday, August 7, 2017

HoneyBun and her boyfriends

I would tease HoneyBun's owner after we babysitted HoneyBun and tell her that Toto was HoneyBun's boyfriend as Toto seemed particularly fond of her.  But recently when we babysitted HoneyBun, Toto didn't even want to sit in the same chair with HoneyBun so looks like Charlie is now her boyfriend.  These images show HoneyBun as she poses so cute on her chair prop, and a couple images of Toto looking at her (2nd image) and Charlie sitting with her in the chair (last image).  Enjoy!