Monday, June 1, 2009

We have finally moved!

Well, I finished the last of the 2009 8th grade graduate portraits. Next year I think I will plan my vacation after graduation so I can get some needed rest! We have moved into our new home and are still in the process of unpacking. I wonder how I was able to get everything packed up within three weeks because unpacking seems like an unending job! When the front porch is finish, I will post some pics of the property.

Here is a shot of Cordell Trent taken in my yard with the pond in the background. I used a chair that I brought back from my Baltimore trip. I found it in my dad's basement. I would like to think it was a chair he had when we were kids, so this pic has sentimental meaning to me.

Baby Olivia was the first baby I photographed in our new studio. She is such a beautiful baby girl with pretty eyes!

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  1. Beautiful work, Sis Smith! Congratulations on the move! I'm so proud of you!
    ~Your Friend, Sis Rhome