Thursday, May 17, 2012

Alma wears an 1800's Ladies Side Saddle Riding Dress

Ace, our Palomino horse, didn't like being separated from Stardust.  I think Ace thought we were going to permanently separate them.  His eyes got big when my husband saddled him up for Alma's portrait session.  I didn't expect to get very many good shots, but was very pleased with the results.  Specially like the wildflowers in the full body/horse shots.  Ace looks so content in these photos.  Alma wore a beautiful 1800's ladies side saddle riding dress on Ace and we brought the saddle into the studio and got a lovely shot with Alma posed on the saddle.  I've included quite a few favorites from her session for your viewing pleasure.  A slideshow with all of Alma's graduation portraits can be viewed here.

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