Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gorgeous Fall Portraits of Four Children

You couldn't have asked for a better day for some beautiful fall portraits!  No wind and the fall colors were at their peak.  This 45-minute session was in four different locations on our property, so we took our Ford truck to haul the pumpkins, straw bale and our clients.  After doing the group shots, we did individual shots and then finished the session with the two blondes and two brunettes portraits.   I so enjoyed this session with this client who is a regular customer. She always dresses her children in lovely colors.  I have included my favorites from this session for your viewing pleasure.... :)


  1. I love working with Pat! She is great with the kids and always 'bends' what she has in mind to suit my kids' moods and cooperation levels.
    The portraits never dissapoint, and the only problem we have is deciding which ones to get.

  2. I wish i could get the 4 kids to pose for my pictures like Pat does! Now the hard many walls do i have left for these pictures!