Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Heron nabs frog - Weak stomachs BEWARE!

 I have been waiting for the day to photograph a heron that often visits our property.  They are so skittish and practically impossible to photograph!  It was windy, rainy and cloudy but it made for some rich Autumn background colors of the scene of the heron as it took its time to catch a frog for lunch! I took these images from inside the studio using a 100-400mm lens.  I was having a hay day photographing this heron that was stalking its prey!  You can imagine my excitement when I looked up from the camera and the heron had caught a frog and was washing it before finally swallowing it.  In the last image below, you can see the lump in the heron's neck as the frog goes down the heron's throat!

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