Saturday, April 15, 2017

Toto kills Easter bunny - Bunny lovers beware!!!

        First, I apologize to all those bunny lovers that I may have offended.  I used to be a bunny lover until some cute bunnies destroyed our pretty rose bush and a couple young trees!
        Toto is not as fast as his brother Charlie, but he is a persistent little guy and is not afraid like Charlie.  The image of Toto below was taken several weeks ago but I thought it fitting to share this Easter season along with some history of the Easter Bunny.
        The origin of the Easter Bunny has roots that go back to pre-Christian, Anglo-Saxon history. The holiday was originally a pagan celebration that worshiped the goddess Eastre. She was the goddess of fertility and springtime and her earthly symbol was the rabbit.  Thus the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxons worshiped the rabbit believing it to be Eastre's earthly incarnation. 
        When the Anglo-Saxons were converted to Christianity, the pagan holiday, which occurred around the same time as the Christian memorial of Jesus' resurrection from the dead, was combined with the Christian celebration and given the name Easter. 
        Hope you enjoyed that bit of history and would like to invite you to visit Faith Tabernacle, the friendliest church in Junction City, Kansas!

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