Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Jazzlynn and a spoiled lady

Jazzlynn brought her pet dog to her HS senior studio portrait session.  When I asked her dog's name, I was told "Lady," and also "Spoiled!"  "Spoiled Lady" enjoyed her visit to Capturing The Moment Photography but she wasn't too interested in getting her portraits taken as you can tell by her expression in the images below. We couldn't get her to smile though she still looks adorable!  I wanted to try a different type of look during this session which is the first portrait below of Jazzlynn in black and white, and also one of her favorites along with the rest of her favorites shown below.  Jazzlynn, we so enjoyed our visits after both sessions.  Thanks for the privilege to capture you during this special time in your life!  Love you and your mom!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ebony's beautiful autumn portraits!

It started out slightly overcast, perfect for outdoor portraiture in late afternoon! Ebony's three outfits went perfect with the beautiful autumn colors! After taking a couple portraits on at old wooden bridge, Ebony noticed a stream that she wanted to cross over.  I like that creative side of Ebony! Those of her walking on the rocks in the stream turned out to be her favorites.  Then the sun started to come out and made the pretty tree leaves sparkle with color!  My favorites from her autumn session are show below.  To view all her images from her last two sessions, click here.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Tamara's autumn portraits with blue herons and pelicans at Milford Lake

I just love this outfit Tamara wore for her autumn session and we were pleasantly surprised to discover the colors at Milford Lake complimented her outfit perfectly!  After seeing a blue heron sitting near a bench we grabbed a shot before he flew away and merged that image with one of Tamara in it.  We didn't have to do that for the one of her on the beach with the four pelicans in the background.  I couldn't believe how many blue herons there were at the Milford beach and have included a shot of them below.  My favorites from this session are included below and all from this session and her previous one can be viewed here.  Enjoy!

Quesia's 2017 HS Senior Autumn Portraits

Quesia's outfits went beautifully with the autumn scenery at Homer Pond and then over to a friend's home.  What a nice surprise it was to see they had a horse there, but at first the horse didn't pay us any mind.  Finally, we grabbed some green grass and enticed her to get in the portraits at the end of the session! My favorites from the session are included for your viewing pleasure.  To view all of Quesia's images from the session, click here.  Enjoy!