Monday, November 12, 2012

Gabby & Alyssia's Christmas Portraits

Gabby & Alyssia's outfits went perfect with my new Modern Vintage Background.  To keep Alyssia's attention off of the camera we had a couple prepared setups.  We started off with two small red booklets that lasted a short time. Then a setup that included two gift bags for them to discover the contents, then the last setup was sort of like a tea party except we used cold tea and Christmas mugs.  We will be designing a Christmas greeting card with the portraits from this session. My favorites from the session are listed below for your viewing pleasure....

Cameron's 8th Grade Graduate Portraits

Cameron loves the outdoors and it sure showed in the portraits we took last weekend.  I couldn't believe he was able to climb up on a limb that was much taller than him.  I took the pic as fast as I could as it made me (and his mom) nervous seeing him out on the limb!  Made for a pretty cool shot though!  I encourage my customers to mainly wear solid colors.  It makes for a better portrait as the clothing doesn't overpower the person in the portrait and that is quite evident in the last ones displayed here in his white shirt.  I just love this last shot of him below.  I have included my favorites of his session.  Enjoy!  :)