Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spectacular Waterfall in Junction City, Kansas!!!

Last Wednesday, a photography friend and I trekked to Geary Lake Falls (located south of Junction City) hoping to find water flowing over the dam.  We were not disappointed!  The weather was perfect for photography!  I was glad that I wore my boots as I had to walk through water to take the first five images below.
The waterfall is only active in the spring or after a heavy rain and we were blessed to have a recent rain in the area.
The waterfall spans about 35 feet.
A panoramic of a smaller waterfall a short distance down from the main waterfall.
The image below shows the stream flowing down from the waterfall.
The image below shows the top of the waterfall taken after we climbed back up the hill to the top of the dam.  Talk about getting some exercise!  It was difficult trekking down the woods to the water below as the hill was very steep!
The below image was taken from the northeast area of the lake on top of the dam.  The sky was even more beautiful to the east side of this image.  The redbud trees were past their peak but still added some color to this beautiful scene.  You could hear the waterfall from this location.
We drove to the Geary County State Park and hurried to photograph these geese and ducklings before they swam too far away.  
Below are some cattails that survived the winter at the lake.
The sun was beginning to set as we left the Geary County State Park.

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