Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Paper lanterns and a gorgeous high school senior!

I got tickled when Liz' mom kept saying "She's gorgeous!  She's gorgeous!" during almost every pose during her session!  I agree Liz looked absolutely gorgeous in her two beautiful outfits.  Liz is quite the seamstress as she made the black jacket that went with her gold outfit.  We used paper lanterns in her first image below.  A friend of mine gave them to me as a gift; however, I must admit when I first got them I had no idea how I would use them. Recently I saw this portrait of a high school senior where she was surrounded by chandeliers and I thought that would be fun to use but knew I didn't want to invest in getting chandeliers installed. Then the thought hit me as I was preparing for this session and saw those paper lanterns in my studio, that I could use them in place of chandeliers!  I really like how they matched her red/black/white outfit!  We started with window light with the paper lanterns pose and used the opposite end of the studio for the remaining session with our black damask background, a gold flokati rug that I clamped to our background stands, then finished up with a our popular white background with white flooring. I have included my favorites from Liz' session for your viewing pleasure....

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