Thursday, March 26, 2015

A petticoat, mirror, a spin and more...

In this image, Chante' is beautifully posed and window-lit with her shoes placed as a prop on top of her gorgeous graduation dress (more comments below).

Chante' looks serious here but she could hardly stop giggling at how I looked while standing on a ladder on my tippy toes!

This mirror portrait is a substitute of a pose we were planning since I shattered the glass of the mirror before the session!  We have since fixed the mirror and will be doing a reflection mirror pose at her next session outdoors.

We took several of Chante' spinning and this is her favorite image of the whole session.

Chante' didn't think we could get images of her shoes since her dress was so long, but we figured out a way! :)

Doesn't she portray elegance in our gold, I mean, red chair!?!  Thank God for Adobe Lightroom!!! :)

We wanted a variety of backgrounds and this blush background went perfect with her graduation dress...

and this black parasol against the blush background.

We finished up the session with a few with this outfit and this is her favorite with this outfit. Thanks for looking!

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