Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A purple dress, clutch purse, cedars trees, and more

Along with Liz' cap and gown portraits we photographed her in her senior sweatshirt and senior top along with her dressy purple outfit that arrived too late for her first session.  Her purple dressy outfit went perfect with our black and white damask background as she held her black clutch purse she brought along as a prop. We changed from the damask background to our creamy canvas background that has a hint of colored hues mixed in.  We took advantage of the good weather outside to get Liz in her senior sweatshirt and jean skirt.  About the only thing in color outside right now are cedar trees which turned out to be a nice foreground and background element in one of her closeup images.  We recently painted one of our walls in our living room gold, and that turned out as a perfect match to the colors in her senior shirt outfit.  We made a collage with the two poses against the gold wall background and it is my favorite which is included below along with other favorites from her portrait session.  I am so looking forward to her next session that will be done in a beautiful and colorful spot in Kansas along with a stop at a small rural town.

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