Thursday, April 23, 2015

A high school graduate, pink petals, and library books

Melisa wore a beautiful lavender dress to start her session against our brown canvas background. In her second image she looks quite dignified while seated in an straight-backed mauve chair.  We headed outside and fought the wind and sun while at the pond.  We ended up merging two pond images--one with her mom holding the reflector and one without her mom in the scene.  Next we drove to the gully to avoid the wind and Melisa had to maneuver herself to get posed on our old stone wall at our property's edge.  We used a scrim to her left propped against the fence to keep the tree limb shade off of her face.  That image was totally worth all of Melisa's effort!  We finished off her session back at the studio against a green cloth background then back to the brown canvas with pink petals and finishing up with her senior shirt.  Because Melisa is very studious I wanted to get her with a book. I normally don't replace backgrounds, but at her mom's suggestion replaced the brown canvas with a library book scene which I had on hand.  Below we have included Melisa's favorites images from her studio and outdoor session.  Enjoy!

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