Friday, September 16, 2016

Quesia's '17 HS Senior Portraits in the Sunflowers

I looooooove sunflowers!!!  It was so much fun to photograph Quesia in the most beautiful yellow and blue wildflowers that have bloomed this year here in the country!  We were able to capture some Monarch butterflies that were flying around and two of them can be seen in one of her images below.  Her mom and "protective" brother came along and were such a big help during the session.  Thank God the weather cooperated permitting me to photograph my first sunflower session ever!



  1. Aww! A beautiful Apostolic young ladies just looks so gorgeous..I enjoy looking at pictures...Mercy! Where was Ctm when I graduated? Loves Pat's work..the pictures reflects a true loves, from a heart that really enjoys this type of profession, and a desire to please...truly God has his hands in it...

  2. Quesia, you look beautiful! Love you, Ebby

    1. Look out look out the Class of 2016 is on the scene with all these Apostolic Queens. Ladies u are the very epitome of wholesomeness beauty innocence grace God saved the best for last Woman Lol. Keep living for Jesus!!!!

  3. I really love this session Q!!! Super gorgeous!!